Guide’s services provided on a temporary or occasional basis in the Republic of Lithuania

Guides coming from an EU Member State to the territory of the Republic of Lithuania for temporary and occasional guide services are required to submit a prior written declaration (Lithuanian / English form). The declaration is updated once a year if the guide intends to provide services temporarily and occasionally during that year.

When submitting the declaration for the first time or when there is a material change in previously documented circumstances, the applicant shall submit with the declaration:


1) proof of nationality;

2) a certificate stating that the holder is legally established in a Member State to carry on the activity concerned and is not even temporarily prohibited from pursuing it (the certificate is not issued if the documents referred to in points 1 and 4 are sufficient. The need to submit a certificate shall be communicated to the applicant by the authority which accepted the declaration);

3) evidence of professional qualifications (guide license, diplomas, courses, etc.);

4) any documents proving that the guide has provided services for at least one year during the last ten years, if the profession or training is not regulated in the EU Member State of establishment. The 10-year period shall be calculated from the date of submission of the declaration referred to in paragraph 1 to the competent authority (contracts with clients, certificate of employer, business certificate, certificate of self-employment issued by the tax authorities, etc.).


The Lithuanian language is the state language of the Republic of Lithuania, all institutions, establishments, enterprises and organizations which function in the Republic of Lithuania shall manage filing work, accounting, reporting, financial and technical documents in the state language (Articles 2 and 4 of the Law on the State Language of the Republic of Lithuania), therefore, the documents submitted with the declaration must be translated into Lithuanian. The translation must be signed by the translator who translated the documents and / or stamped by the translation agency.


After verifying the declaration and the accompanying documents, the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority shall publish on its website, no later than 5 working days from the date of submission of the declaration and all necessary documents, the name of the person authorized to provide temporary and occasional guide services, the name of the Member State of establishment and the period for which the guide services are provided in the declaration. The list is published here.


The service is for free.


The purpose of publishing personal data is to inform citizens of EU Member States who have the right to temporarily and occasionally provide guide services in the Republic of Lithuania.


The signed and scanned declaration is submitted by e-mail: marija.danke@vvtat.lt. 

The declaration may also be presented:

  • directly - Vilnius, Vilniaus g. 25, Room 308;
  • by post - to the Tourism Market Surveillance Division of the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority, Vilniaus g. 25, 01402 Vilnius
  • by electronic means through the contact centre.