Fields of Activity





  • Coordinates state institutions' activities on protection of consumers;
  • Protects consumers' public interest;
  • Undertakes control over controls the standard contract terms and challenges the unfair terms of consumer contracts;
  • In accordance with the procedure established by law, investigates individuals' reports, complaints and requests for tourism, recreational or reimbursable medical services, food and non-food products, consumer services, energy and utilities;
  • Analyzes consumer complaints on unfair contract terms;
  • Informs and consults consumers and business entities;
  • Performs other functions specified in legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Coordinates and implements protection of consumer economic interests, supervises market of consumer products and services;
  • Considers disputes between consumers and entrepreneurs through alternative dispute resolution procedure (out-of-court, ADR) and through the Electronic Dispute Resolution Platform (EGS);
  • Investigates violations of Law on Advertising and cases of unfair commercial practices;
  • Supervises whether non-food products delivered to the market meet legal requirements for safety, quality and labeling;
  • Organizes and carries out education of consumers, sellers, producers and services providers';
  • Provides information for consumers about unsafe products, which have appeared or may appear in the market;
  • Organizes the exchange of information with the European Union and Member States;
  • Represents the Republic of Lithuania in European Union and international organizations in consumer rights protection field.