Consumer rights and guarantees

Consumers shall have the right to:

  • acquire and use goods or services according at their own discretion (to choose a seller, service supplier);
  • acquire safe goods or services of suitable quality;
  • obtain correct and thorough information in the national language on the goods sold or services supplied;
  • obtain information about the procedure for enforcing and protecting of their rights;
  • defence of violated rights and redress of pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage (losses);
  • appeal to authorities for the settlement of disputes or the court regarding the defence of the violated rights;
  • join consumer associations;
  • education in the sphere of consumption;
  • protection of economic interests, and others.


Quality of and warranty for goods


If the acquired product is defective:

A consumer to whom a defective product has been sold has the right, at his discretion, in accordance with Article 6.363(7) of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania:

  • request the seller to rectify the defects of the item (repair the item) free of charge;
  • request the seller to replace the defective item with an item of adequate quality free of charge;
  • request that the seller to reduce the price accordingly;
  • unilaterally terminate the contract and request that the price paid be returned. However, the consumer shall not be entitled to terminate the contract if the defect of the item is of minor significance.


Warranty for the product

In accordance with the provisions of Article 6.338 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, a consumer in all cases may address the seller in respect of defects of the product that arose within a period of two years (warranty by law), unless the seller has established a longer warranty period.


Replacement and return of goods


According to the provisions of the Retail Trade Rules, products shall be replaced or returned at the consumer’s written request at the product purchase point or at another point indicated by the seller and convenient to the consumer. The consumer shall provide to the seller the product and written request with indication of the reason (defect of the product or another reason) for which the acquired product fails to satisfy the consumer as well as one of the requirements referred to in Article 6.362 (if a product of proper quality has been purchased) or Article 6.363(7) (if a product of improper quality has been purchased) of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.


Replacement and return of goods of proper quality

If a product is of proper quality, according to Article 6.362 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, the buyer has the right to replace the purchased items with similar items of other dimensions, shape, colour, model or completeness at the point of purchase or at another point indicated by the seller within 14 days from the sale of non-food products to the buyer, unless the seller has established a longer period. Please note that the buyer’s requirement to replace or return items shall be satisfied if the items were not used, are not damaged, their consumer properties have been preserved, the items have not lost their marketable appearance and the buyer has evidence that he has purchased the items from a specific seller.


Non-returnable goods

It must be noted that Point 17 of the Retail Trade Rules provides for a list of non-returnable goods (for example, electrical goods, toys, furniture, cosmetics, books, underwear, etc.). Goods falling within this list, if they are of proper quality, may be returned only subject to the seller’s consent. The above Rules are available at the following link: https://www.e-tar.lt/portal/legalAct.html?documentId=712337a0164711e4afafe56485a7e49a

The list of non-returnable goods for remote purchases is provided for by Article 6.228(10) of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania. Non-returnable goods, where they are of proper quality and have been acquired remotely, include perishable goods, made-to-order and made-to-measure goods, unpackaged personal hygiene products, etc. The whole list of non-returnable goods is available by the following link: https://www.e-tar.lt/portal/lt/legalAct/TAR.8A39C83848CB/asr


More detailed information about the quality of goods, warranty, replacement and return of goods is available in the Frequently Asked Questions section: https://vvtat.lt/en/faq/691


Do you have questions?

Contact the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority for consultation by phone (85) 262 6760 or ask your question by e-mail at tarnyba@vvtat.lt.


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